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Why recruit with Soosr?

Your employees are the most reliable and enthusiastic recruiters. They know how exciting it is to work in your company and who else suits your organization. Besides, their network is the best place to search for new talent! Soosr stimulates employees to easily share vacancies and company-stories via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Email.


Your colleagues know the best fitting candidates. Soosr motivates them to share your vacancies or other company stories and updates online.

Referral recruitment was never this powerful!


Soosr keeps it accessible and intuitive. Within twenty minutes all your colleagues will be sharing your job openings and other stories in their networks.

Social recruitment was never this simple!


Our intuitive dashboard gives oversight and insight. How often are messages being shared and on which channels? Who’s your most active ambassador?

See results immediately!

They already use Soosr

From companies with off-the-charts growth to local businesses and non-profits, they benefit from Soosr. As Petra Barelds (Akos) says: “Soosr helps us to – very easily – let colleagues share messages from and about Akos. This way, messages are brought to the attention in a much wider network.”

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See how Soosr makes enthusiastic ambassadors of all your colleagues.

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